huevos ranchero crostini

huevos ranchero crostini

Quercetin is a beneficial antioxidant you can find as a supplement in pills or powdered form or in foods like broccoli. Quercetin has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high levels. Improving Eye HealthBroccoli also contains carotenoids like lutein and beta carotene that could contribute to improved eye health. Indole-3-carbinol is a nutrient found in cruciferous veggies like broccoli that could help with cancer. [8]Reducing Cancer RiskCruciferous vegetables contain sulfur and bioactive compounds that have been associated with a reduced risk of various cancers, such as lung, colorectal, and breast cancer. [9] [10] [11]Decreasing Inflammation and Oxidative Stress The isothiocyanates in broccoli affect liver enzymes, decrease inflammation, stimulate the immune system, and reduce oxidative stress. [12] [13]Interestingly, one of the beneficial compounds of broccoli, sulforaphane, is found at 20-100 times higher amounts in young broccoli sprouts compared to full-grown heads of broccoli. [14]Improving CholesterolCompounds in broccoli bind with bile acids in the gut, which increases excretion and prevents them from being reused. The result is a synthesis of new bile acids from cholesterol, decreasing cholesterol levels in the body. This effect has also been associated with a decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. [15]Buttery, creamy macadamia nuts are keto-friendly whether they’re roasted, salted, or prepared any other way.

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No Synthetic PesticidesGenerally speaking, organic food has little to no pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and weedkillers because, in order to be certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), farmers can’t spray synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other substances. Organic farming is strictly regulated and monitored. Some organic farmers use pesticides derived from natural substances, but these are also strictly monitored and approved for organic production. The general rule is that synthetic materials are prohibited, and natural substances are allowed, with a few exceptions. One impressive study followed families eating a 100% organic diet and revealed a significant reduction in their exposure to four classes of pesticides by an average of 60% over six days. [1]Nonorganic crops are sprayed with pesticides during growthNo GMOsGenetically modified foods (GMOs) have been approved for human consumption for quite a few decades now, but they aren’t allowed in organic products. An organic farmer can’t plant GMO seeds, and an organic cow can’t eat GMO corn or alfalfa. An organic sauce producer can’t use GMO ingredients. GMO doesn’t refer to natural plant crossbreeding; rather, it refers to the man-made process where manufacturers engineer an organism’s genetic material in a laboratory to eliminate or introduce specific qualities. Crops like corn and canola for oil have been genetically engineered to be more resistant to pests and herbicides. [2]While advocates preach about GMO safety, critics have raised questions and concerns about their long-term negative impact on public health, the environment, property rights, food safety, and crop contamination.

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Let’s discuss the reasons why fish is good for you and how to add more to your ketogenic diet. Why Is Fish Good for You?As you’ll see below, fish is beneficial to many parts of the body and studies suggest fish has a positive and preventative effect on many health conditions. Many of these benefits seem to be related to the high levels of healthy dietary fats and vitamin D found in fish, though fish contain other nutrients as well, such as B vitamins, selenium, and iodine. 1. Brain HealthObservational studies reveal those who consume more fish have slower rates of mental decline. Those who eat fish weekly also have more gray matter in the parts of the brain that regulate memory and emotions. Grey matter refers to major functional brain tissue. [1] [2]2. DepressionDepression is a mental condition involving low mood, overarching sadness, reduced energy, and a loss of interest in life and activities that used to be enjoyable. Studies show people who frequently eat fish are less likely to experience depression. Mounting controlled trials show omega-3 fatty acids can improve depression and drastically increase the effectiveness of antidepressant medications, and fish are a major source of omega-3.
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