pizza ketogenic diet

pizza ketogenic diet

4 grams of fiber to nourish your friendly gut bacteria and improve the diversity of your gut microbiome. ProteinWhen it comes to plant protein, broccoli contains a decent amount, with around 29% of its dry weight made up of protein. However, due to the high water content, you obtain around 3 grams of plant protein from a 1 cup of broccoli. Vitamin CVitamin C is a powerful immune system booster and antioxidant. A ½ cup (45 gram) serving of raw broccoli gives you near 70% of the daily value of vitamin C. [4] [5]Vitamin K1Vitamin K1 isn’t as widely talked about as other vitamins, but it’s important for blood clotting and could foster bone health. [6] [7]FolateFolate is especially important for pregnant women, as it supports the baby’s development and growth. Folate is necessary for proper cell function and tissue growth. People with the MTHFR gene mutation might need to focus their diet on obtaining more of this natural folate from healthy foods like broccoli rather than from folic acid–the synthetic version of folate added to many fortified foods like cereal. Beneficial Plant CompoundsNaturopathic practitioners often recommend quercetin to help treat various ailments. Quercetin is a beneficial antioxidant you can find as a supplement in pills or powdered form or in foods like broccoli.

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The result is a synthesis of new bile acids from cholesterol, decreasing cholesterol levels in the body. This effect has also been associated with a decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. [15]Buttery, creamy macadamia nuts are keto-friendly whether they’re roasted, salted, or prepared any other way. Macadamia nuts are low-carb and they’re widely used in baking and to boost the flavor of products like ice cream and cookies. Let’s discuss the benefits of these crunchy, fatty, plant-based treats. What Are Macadamia Nuts?Macadamia nuts are produced by the macadamia nut tree, which originated in Australia.

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You can disguise the flavor of ground-up organ meats by adding them to mince dishes like Bolognese or meatballs. Try a ratio of one-third organ meats to two-thirds ground beef and make nutritious meatballs!Chicken liver pate on toastDevour a tasty keto recipe featuring organ meats:Liver and OnionsCarnivore Beef StewCarnivore Beef Liver PateLentils are tiny bean-looking legumes that are common in many dishes, especially soups. Lentils provide fiber, folate, and potassium and thus are often seen as a health food. But, are lentils keto friendly? Can you enjoy this legume on a low carb diet?Lentil Nutrition Information100g of cooked lentils contains 114 calories, 9. 02g of protein, 0. 38g of fat, 19. 5 of carbohydrates, and 7. 8g of fiber. Additionally, this serving size also contains 369 mg of potassium, 181 µg folate, and 180mg of phosphorus. [1]100g of uncooked, raw lentils contains 352 calories, 24. 6g protein, 1.
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